Quality Brass Engraved ID tags for your Pets



Price increase: 

Please note that from 1st January 2015, due to increased production and postage costs, we will be making an increase in the price of these quality tags (the last increase was June 2011), the new price will be £9.95 including p & p.

ID 4 Pets ID 'panels', quality brass/chrome coloured engraved identification for your pet, easy to read, durable and attractive and available in three sizes.  (Please add £1 per tag for overseas orders).

These panels are an exclusive design that can easily be fitted to most styles of collar and they are very secure.  There is room for up to 7 lines of information on the large (1" (25mm)) size, 6 lines on the Medium (3/4" (19mm)) and we recommend no more than 5 lines on the small (1/2" (13mm)) size to ensure your information can be clearly read.  To make sure you order the correct size please measure the width of your dog's collar.

ID 4 Pets ID 'panels' are engraved with your details, inlaid with black paint to make them easy to read and then highly polished to remove any sharp edges and to give a high gloss finish.

They can be easily fitted to plastic snap lock collars as well as normal buckle collars and are secure, durable (made from 1.5mm thick brass), easy to transfer from one collar to another, comfortable for your dog to wear and attractive.  ID 4 Pets panels lie flat on to your dog's neck and cause no discomfort.  They are not shaped as are some that are on the market which do not actually lie flat against your dog's neck.

With conventional pet tags it is very easy to mistakenly clip the lead on to the split ring which can easily break and you can lose your dog and the tag!  With these ID tags/ 'panels' there is no friction or wear and there is the added benefit of no annoying jingling noise.


These ID panels are safe for agility dogs to wear and will not catch on the equipment.  They are fully compliant with Kennel Club Regulation (H (1) 10.c) (January 2005) ie. during an agility test the wearing of a "collar is permitted, providing the only attachment is a plain identification panel as an integral part of the collar".

Ensure that you have control of your dog on the start and finish lines by leaving its collar on with ID attached and if it should run off when under test or at any other time it will have its lifeline to get back to you as soon as possible.

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